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Special Cleaner


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Environmental friendly cleaner and degreaser.



  • For basic cleaning prior to any assembly.
  • Degreasing of injection mould, work pieces and machine parts.
  • Alternative to environmental harmful cleaners.
  • Environmental friendly cleaning, hot/cold, with/without water, e.g. machinery and   equipment, dewaxing of new vehicles, engines and gear boxes, workshop floors and tools.



  • Environmentally friendly; no labelling according to the ordinance on hazardous substances (GefStoffV)
  • Short term corrosion protection
  • Free from aromatic compounds, CHC and CFC
  • Trouble-free separation in skimming-tank
  • Not water-soluble, fast phase separation
  • Applicable cold and warm up to +50°C, in closed systems up to +150°C
  • Physiologically harmless