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MI-setral-LI/PD 2


High Pressure Grease


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High-pressure grease without solids, with EPL additive Technology.



  • For long-term or lifetime lubrication of rolling, bearings, highly loaded gears and sliding pairs susceptible to wear under extreme conditions, like vibrations or shock loads etc.
  • Due to the special EPL additive technology micropitting and pittings are avoided and re-smoothening of surface damages is enabled.
  • Typcial applications: shock loaded gear motors, newspaper printing machines, wood milling machines, robots, spindle bearings and other applications in all industrial sectors.



  • Very good results in the FE8 test
  • Avoids fretting corrosion
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent wear properties
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Increases the quiet running
  • Conveyable in central lubricating systems
  • Surface smoothening
  • Silicone-free


Temperature range: - 35°C to + 140°C