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Special Grease


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Fully synthetic, solid-free special grease for long-term lubrication at high temperature and aggressive ambience.



  • Lubrication of ejector pins, slides, folding units, latch locking units as well as all sliding surfaces in plastic injection moulding tools.
  • Especially dedicated for production of all kinds of visible parts and plastic parts/packagings for the food and pharmaceutical industries. 



  • NSF H1 registered
  • Approved and recommended from well-known manufacturers worlwide
  • Thermally stable up to +300°C at extremely low evaporation rate
  • Achievement of high number of shots without relubrication
  • Stays in place, no transport on to the plastic parts
  • Outgassing substances don't cause stress cracks (DIN 53449)
  • Neutral behaviour to common elastomeres and plastics
  • Packing of the injection-moulded parts possible without cleaning
  • Stable to aggressive plastic condensates
  • Optimal running in properties for new tool 


Temperature range: - 30°C  to + 300°C