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SYN-setral-INT/250 S-1


High Temperature Grease


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High-temperature grease for long-term lubrication in food and pharmaceutical industries, particularly at high-temperatures and aggressive ambience.



  • For long-term or life-time lubrication of rolling and plain bearings and all sliding pairs susceptible to wear under extreme conditions, especially in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Typical applications: baking ovens, baking lines, guide pulleys of conveyor chains, kiln cars, calenders and other applications e.g. in dairies and beverage filling.
  • Also for waffer baking machines of e.g. Haas and Hebenstreit.



  • NSF H1 registered
  • High load carrying ability
  • Excellent wear properties
  • Extended relubrication cycles
  • Resistant against chemicals and aggressive media
  • Resistant to oxidation and ageing
  • Radiation resistant
  • Economical in consumption


Temperature range: - 40°C  to + 260°C