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Brite Gard 100


Synthetic Corrosion Protection Blend for Compressors

Brite Gard 100 is a special lubricant blend which is designed to preserve pump and compressor equipment from rusting while in transit to the customer site and in warehouse storage.

This synthetic blend includes penetrating compounds and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors to provide adherence to metal surfaces.  This preservative offers good anti-wear and corrosion inhibition properties and is an excellent coating for initial start-up lubrication in the field. 

Brite Gard 100 is compatible with typical mineral based compressor and pump lubes and most non-synthetic based fluids.

Typical Industrial Applications:

  • Compressors
  • Pumps & Blowers
  • Separator Vessels
  • Enclosed Gear Boxes.

Performance Benefits:

  • Prevents rusting during transportation and storage
  • Provides start-up lubrication and wear protection
  • Provides compatibility with typical compressor/pump lubricants
  • Offers easy application by filling and drain, or internal spraying.