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Ultrachem Inc., USA

Ultrachem Inc., USA

For over 40 years, Ultrachem has provided customers with premium quality synthetic fluids made for industrial applications. The products are built with the highest quality base stocks and blended with Ultrachem’s unique and proprietary additive systems resulting in superior products tailor-made for the applications they serve.

Ultrachem’s provides premium quality products, extensive technical support and maintaining excellence in customer service. Serving a broad customer base including many OEM’s and industrial distribution channels, Ultrachem has earned the trust and confidence of their clients due to the overall “Ultrachem experience.”

Ultrachem synthetic lubricants have been designed specifically for the applications they serve. The products are formulated, lab-tested and ultimately field tested in each application to maximize protection and performance. This helps Ultrachem provide a product to the industrial consumer that offers long fluid life and superior protection while remaining cost-effective.

Established in 1965, Ultrachem Inc., USA is headquartered with a manufacturing facility located in Delaware—a center for superior technological expertise.

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