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Corrugated Box-Board

Corrugated Box-Board

Krytox™ CORR (Corrugator) greases

In today’s world of tight margins and intense competition, corrugating operators work hard to squeeze every bit of performance from their machines. That means you need machinery to last longer, require less maintenance and produce quality end products. It means you need Chemours Krytox® Performance Lubricants formulated specifically for the needs of the corrugating industry. Krytox™ performance lubricants are the standard for lubricating bearings used in the corrugated packaging industry. When using Krytox™ CORR (corrugator) greases, machinery lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and produces quality end products.

Krytox™ CORR greases deliver superior lubrication that provides a highly effective and uniform film-to-bearing surface.

This leads to:
• Less wear
• Longer use-life
• Fewer bearing failures

Krytox® lubricants help protect your machinery investment with performance benefits that include

Krytox™ performance lubricants protect machinery investments and reduce the need for frequent lubrication. They maintain their properties in high-temperature manufacturing environments.

The performance benefits of using these greases include:
• Resistance to high temperatures
• NSF H-1 certified for food contact
• Less downtime and more productivity
• Reduced maintenance and cleanup
• Eliminates carbonization on roll bearings, housings, or machinery
• Extended relubrication intervals: every 2 to 3 months versus every week
• Reduced safety hazards
• Minimal environmental impact: reduces solid waste and wastewater contamination
• Superior bearing protection: effective high-temperature lubrication up to 343 °C

Grade Temperature Range oC   ISO Viscosity
Krytox™ CORR 226FG Grease -36 to 260   220
Krytox™ CORR 227FG Grease -30 to 288   460

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