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Setral Chemie GmbH, Germany

setral® - experts in the development of specialty lubricants for >50 years


Setral® develops and produces high-performance and specialty lubricants for industry application. Well-known customers’ worldwide benefit from Setral’s over fifty years of experience. Setral® is represented in over 80 countries with our partnerships.

The use of the most modern laboratory facilities, excellently trained staff and a high-end production line make Setral an innovative and strong partner offering a broad portfolio of high-performance and specialty lubricants.

Founded by Jean-Léon Spehner, Jean-Pierre Lepré and Guy Grospêtre in Strasbourg, France in 1969, Setral Chemie GmbH is engaged manufacture of high-performance lubricants, maintenance & corrosion protection products.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified, the company has heavy investments in the new research and development laboratories having successfully implemented DIN EN ISO 14001.

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