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Plastics Industry

Plastics Industry

Plastic molding presents challenges for operation and maintenance of machines & tooling since the equipment runs at elevated temperatures & most often continuously.

Ejector Pins:

The lubrication of ejector pins, slides, folder units or latch conveyors is difficult when a high throughput is to be obtained and the manufactured pieces must not be subjected to contamination. By using a suitable lubricant, it will be possible to solve these problems and to increase the production output. Any production units are aiming at a highly efficient use of the machinery. In the field of plastic injection molding this is especially valid for the trouble-free operation and the obtained number of manufactured pieces (number of rounds) which is to be guaranteed by using suitable lubricants. However, it is also decisive that all manufactured parts are corresponding to the quality demands and are not affected by the used lubricant. Krytox™ GPL 227 when used for lubricating ejector pins, slides, folder units or latch conveyors eliminates the problem of scoring of pins & pin seizures, lubricant run down and staining of components. The lubricant features and extreme thermal stability of up to 288°C. The thickeners are stable without melting far beyond this temperature. Besides reduced consumption figures also the number of produced parts could be increased by up to the factor 4 compared to usual lubricating pastes or greases manufactured on mineral oil or synthetic oil basis.

Plastic Injection Molding Kit:

The kit consists of a set of Maintenance Aerosols used for maintenance of the Die/Tooling and ‘Coratex’ purging emulsion for online cleaning of the barrel, screws, dies etc. The set of Maintenance Aerosols includes a high performance precision cleaner/degreaser spray and two product types for corrosion protection of the moulds & tooling etc. The mold protection coatings are highly effective and protect the components till upto 2 years. Coratex is a world renowned brand used online for an effective purging to prepare the machine when changing the color, material or clearing out the machine of all burnt/decomposed materials.


When changing your molding machine to run a different material and/or switching the color of the mixture, you need a purging compound that will not only remove all traces of the previous mix, including degraded material from the screw and barrel, but accomplish this with as little downtime as possible. CORATEX® liquid purging compound cleans the entire plasticator, mixed with a minimum amount of plasticizing material. It can be used immediately after the molding process to avoid costly delays in production. It will clean not only the pigments and plastic residue from the barrel and screw but, when used without a carrier, is also an excellent polishing medium for removing oxidation from metal. Coratex purging emulsions are also useful when there is a need to purge out degraded material inside the system. It helps avoid opening of dies for pipe plant, sheet lines, multilayer plants, molding dies, etc. It can be used with any raw material or process. Coratex is truly a proven product, deemed as one of the top purging emulsion in the world. Coratex has a small amount of abrasive material that helps lift deposits and debris much better than just a chemical or granule solution. Coratex actually removes burnt and settled deposits from the metal surfaces of your machinery.

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