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DryFilm Lubricants

DryFilm lubrication products offer great alternatives to greases and oils in applications where long-term friction reduction, clean adherence to components, or cosmetic appearance is top priority.

DryFilms are extremely stable and non-flammable, offer enough durability to lubricate components for the parts' lifetimes, and accommodate nearly as many application methods as the end-use industries they serve.

Based on fluoropolymer technology, DryFilm products exhibit several important characteristics gained from the extremely low molecular weight of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). DryFilm lubricants solve sticky problems across industries, from industrial applications to appliance and automotive manufacturing.

Features and Benefits

Once the product has been applied and the solvent has dried, DryFilm lubrication products are: • Effective non-stick properties, with outstanding lubricity (low coefficient of friction)
• Thermally stable over wide temperature ranges and non-flammable
• Chemically inert and compatible with most materials
• Resistant to corrosive chemicals
• Clean, non-oily, and non-staining
• Insoluble and non-migrating

DryFilm products and typical applications:
Product Mold Release Blade Coating Grease Thickening Powder Metal Dry Lubrication Coating Additives Masking Agent
DryFilm 2000/IPA X            
DryFilm AS              
DryFilm LW-1200 X       X    
DryFilm LW-2120 X       X    
DryFilm RA X         X  
DryFilm RA/IPA X         X  
DryFilm RA/W X         X  
DryFilm WD-4560   X       X  
Vydax™ 5675-N     X X   X X


DryFilm for Auto DryFilm Products for Automotive Interiors

Maintaining Components and Cosmetics in Vehicle Cabins

Lubricants play a major role in automobile maintenance, from under the hood to inside the cabin. Chemours DryFilm products enhance lubricity to meet the requirements for automotive metal or plastic moving parts.

DryFilm products also play a significant role in reducing the presence of buzz, squeak, rattle (BSR) and noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) in vehicles. These products can be sprayed onto components—such as plastic clips used to hold instrument panels together—to eliminate friction and noise caused by heat expansion or vibration.

While many greases and oils are often dark-colored or messy, Chemours DryFilm lubricants are clear, enabling lubrication of moving parts like removable seats or armrest mechanisms without negatively impacting cosmetic appearance.

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